Saturday, February 02, 2013

Respecting life with a bit of humour

I have been having trouble sleeping. Random thoughts, nothing conclusive... and it's getting nowhere. Tired from the night before after a late night out, tired from the run in the sun to the gym today, tired from working out. for the past 6 years..i have not stepped into a gym.. never saw the need to.. never was in the right state of mind, never was motivated... Strangely, I remembered I used to gym at least 5 times a week believe it or not. then, i had a lot of time to kill.. with nothing much to do.. Working out is good. Keeps your mind focusing on the pain from the workout and managing the tiredness. With these two present, it basically clears your mind out. Just like a drug or as my friend would have put it, "horse sedative". Knocks you out temporarily... at least when you're done with it, you rest better. Running short distance, it's just to get you into momentum to run longer distance. running long distances ... its all mental... hence, the reason why its good therapy. Its been while since i wrote. dont know whats gotten into me to feel that there is a need to write, not that anyone ever reads this blog. many things had happened over the past 6 (coming 7) years. As far as I can remember for the past 2 years, I had a change in job, change of car, made some new friends, some of which became relatively close. Life is all about meeting new people, they come and go. Some you hope doesnt go, some you hope they'll pass.. I realized i'm getting a bit off topic as what I had originally intended to write. we live once. you can make a choice how you want to live life.. responsibly, be happy, answerable.. and ensure you dont screw it up.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Randomness - posted from iPhone

I can't believe ashley's such a big girl now... Time has indeed flown past without any signs of mercy... I took a pic of her today n I have to say I really liked this pic a lot..

Apart from that.. Katelyn's just growing stronger and bigger day by day.. The iPhone 3gs is really neat.. A cool gadget to have..The following pics are uploaded from my iPhone without any hassle!

My love.. My soulmate .. My pillar of support.. My life

Katelyn-Mae ...pic was Edited from my iPhone..

Just don't know what Kate was doing.. Candid shot!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

About Katelyn-Mae

It’s been an eventful month for me. What happened on the 6th of June has definitely proved to be another turning point in my life. A big one. And a happy one. I’m proud to announce that I am once again a father to my 2nd daughter, Katelyn-Mae Lim En Ting. 林恩婷. Born on the 6/6/2009 1834 hours. Birth weight – 2.96kg Length – 49cm (funny how they measure it by length and not height). Shes adorable. She’s way way slightly (contradictory) more difficult to manage than her elder sister Ashley-Mae Lim En Rui (林恩瑞).

Anyhow, I have finally found sometime to pen my thoughts down. Earlier, I related to my soul mate (with her agreeing readily of course) how much lesser I have been carrying Katelyn as compared to Ashley. I feel bad. I will change this. Also, whilst cleaning and showering Kate’s poop earlier on, I too realized that I haven’t actually been showering her. Can I blame it all on work? Helping Lisa with her confinement? Housework? Taking Care of Ashley, sending her to and fro from School? Etc etc? I realized being a dad isn’t as easy as one would think. I have to admit I belittled the chores/duties/role of a “dad” so much that I had decided that I’m happy with just two daughters. I love them.. and they mean the world to me.

In about a weeks time, we will be celebrating Katelyn’s full month celebration. We planned a little more significant. By Plan, I meant spending a bit more money as compared to Ashley’s full month celebration. To think I even ordered a Roast Pig. Yes, the whole pig. I’m so gonna take a lot of pictures of the pig!.

Picture of Ashley loving Katelyn! :)

Work has been smooth for me. Despite the fact that the financial industry hasn’t been doing too well since the beginning of the year, I was given a promotion. Things on my end are picking up relatively slow I must say but I like it this way. Slow and steady. Let’s just hope things get better. Perhaps it is also time for me to move on when the time comes. Explore other career opportunities, advancements etc. I have always believed firmly that career is like a game of chess. You plan where you go two or three moves ahead. And not move just because you feel that it’s a good move. This is because your next move can either kill or make your career.

Two days ago, I backed into a car, I felt like a knife had just stabbed me into my chest when I feel the bump on my 1 month old car bumper. I got out of the car, admitted to that idiot who had illegally parked behind me and noted that his car is even newer. To cut the story short, there is a indistinct 3 cm line on my car and I had to pay him 220 for his repairs. It’s a fair deal but a stupid move.

That’s all for now, stay tuned …

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Tribute to Daddy

Some Estracts from my personal diary ...

Today April 9th 2005 is perhaps one of the most important day in my life. It is a time where I'D sit back, ponder and think of the past, continue embracing what I have at present and to live on for THE future…

.........It is perhaps not as gloomy in Singapore as it is over here. I awoke at 7am (5am in Singapore) with raging thunderstorms. I cannot help but to recall how this very fateful date two years ago brought us down to tears when daddy (granddad) left us. It was mid-week (Wednesday at 1010hr where dad was diagnosed). If some of you could recall, it drizzled too. Some of us wept openly, some of us wept alone, some of us choose to put up a brave front… controlled our tear ducts only to weep silently in bed at night. However, I believe each and everyone of us could feel the cut in our heart gashing, with blood spurting out like a punctured water bag. It is indeed true that it cuts like a knife, but we did manage to overcome this devastation standing tall, shoulders to shoulders.......

....... The human brain works in a very mysterious and phenomenal way, its funny how I’ve been sitting here for the past hour on my table, tried as I might to recall all the happy incidences but there was just not as many as those that hurt a lot. Sometimes you wonder why our human mind retains melancholic moments much better than anything else that we want to remember. Imaging distinct flashbacks hammering my head, who was there… what were we doing… what were we chatting… who called the doctor… how it happened…. very sequential. Perhaps, the bare 7 seconds was the longest time past we ever witness. Yet, there was nothing we could do but to pray and hope that it all works out for the best (EVEN THOUGH we refuse to acknowledge “best” means death). We are never willing, yet we’re bounded to hope that suffering and pain would end right there and then. ..........

.........The doctor after examining him, checked his pulse, lifted his eye lids, reaffirmed his pulse again, took me to one corner, away from my mum, sister and aunt, had his arm gently around my shoulder and whispered, “ I … err… don’t be sad… think he left peacefully…”

Even until now, I can remember the exact tone and accent of these 7 hesitant words........

Saturday, February 07, 2009

The 1st Post of the Year of the NIU!! (OX in mandarin)

I’m losing my touch. Initially I thought about that I had so many or maybe I should use “much” things to write about considering that I haven’t been updating this blog, I realized how I cant seem to type as how I used to. I remembered how when I was in uni, I could just sit my ass down at any corner, be it at the cafeteria, garden, by the lake, outside my lecture room etc .. to type away… I can have a blog up within 10 mins.

I'll just start with how the new year ended.

New year ended with a tinge of regret. Perhaps that was an understatement. I regret not doing as well as I thought I could have. I regret not going to the gym as often (this was one of my NY resolutions made in 2008) last year. I can’t seem to keep money -- literally. Here’s why…

1)I met with an accident – S$3,000/-
2)I pulled back all my investments as I wanted to cut my losses to wait for a better time – S$3,000/- (though I did not net this amount with my winnings cause it defeats the spirit of investments- which is to make. Not to lose.)
3)My underutilized gym membership – S$760/-
4)Etcs etcs…

I belive i'm looking at a total bill of S$10 grand.

Nonetheless, New Year started with a Big Bang. Things are looking up for me with another baby due to arrive in either end of may or early june. I haven’t decided what I should name her. Oh! Did I not mention that Lisa’s expecting another princess? I’m totally happy with it. I perhaps believe girls are more affectionate than boys. Just yesterday I was really tired cause I clocked about no more than 4 hours of sleep the previous night. I had to literally put toothpicks to support my eyelid if you asked me how sleepy I was during the meeting last evening. I thought the worst was over until two smses came in which resulted in me having to drive out to settle a potential complain case. Although I was successful in appeasing customer over the phone, I wasn't however 100% sure he's gonna get his document in time this morning and that his complaint will not come in..Hence, I got my colleague to tag along as I wasn’t sure if I was gonna fall asleep behind the wheel. Anyway, problem settled, appeased the customer and ensured that the customer wasn’t gonna complain. BUT! You know what? The above was erased the moment I carried Ashley,coaxed her into kissing her daddy. not only did she do it, she did with a big loud smack!.

Nope, i didn’t win my 10 million dollars in the toto draw. But I will not concede.

Yes, I did go for my jog and I will go for my jog tonight and regularize (spelling??) it.

I don’t think there is anymore to write. Perhaps, maybe.. yes one more thing.. I’m looking for a job… quite sick and tired of what I’m doing. Hopefully, we’ll see what happens this year.

*** "Ambitions are well worth having... But they are not to be cheaply won" ****